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Hello this is Bryan Marshall, I played DB in 1974 was # 45 from Cleveland Ohio.

Played with the Pottstown Firebirds and the Norfolk Neptunes.
Sorry I missed the Reuion would loved to seen everyone.

I had great times and fond memories.
I'm very Happy this site is keeping the story alive.

I live in Cleveland still, life has been good.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with Ron Holliday, my roommate with Pottstown.

My email is

Love you all
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Welcome to the Philadelphia Bell/World Football League Alumni Website. My name is Richie Franklin. I helped organize the Bell WFL reunion. I was a 14 year old fan when the league shut down. I run the WFL Web site.

Ron Holiday was at the reunion along with John Land, Mike Yancheff, Frank DiMaggio, Bob Cooper, Ben Hawkins, Coach Ron Waller, Ron Kecman, Len Izzo, Vince Papale, Frank Polito, Bill Craven, Herb Lynch, Curt Kral, Bob Paschall.

Chip Blumberg, Carl Cherkin, Ian goodman, Mike Fox, Jonathon Lipner, Donna Auerbach McCall, Hugh Wyatt and Richard Pollak also attended from the office, football staff and Donna the Bell Cheerleader.

I will e-mail you Ron's e-mail address. Please tell other WFL or Bell players and coaches about our Alumni page. Thanks!
Richie Franklin
WFL Historian

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